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WAV3BOT is an inexpensive open source robot that uses an accelerometer based control system.


The simple design of the WAV3BOT utilizes 3D printing and waste to create a device that is easily accessible to all.

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Open Source

Access all of the code on the GitHub and develop new variants of the WAV3BOT for your business or personal needs.

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The system is inexpensive and easy to construct, resulting in a quick build with the potential for several user variants.

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The WAV3BOT has been used by several people for creative purposes and has been beneficial to their immersion into the human experience.

“The WAV3BOT allows me to use my motions to control its movements. Over time, the movements become fluid and natural. I myself am a developer and am seeing several possible purposes for WAV3BOT technology. The Open Source nature of this project will allow for my creative liberty when developing products based on WAV3BOT accelerometer input.”


Stefano Pace, Student Weston, Florida, United States

“Me using the WAV3BOT was like bringing something to life through my motions. It was like I transfered everything I wanted it to do without ever speaking a word or giving a direct command. I plan to take this technology to develop a paint bot that allows me to create works of art controlled by my motions. Human nature and emotions cannot be digitally recreated, but through this we can get pretty close.”


Apurv Shah, Developer Manama, Bahrain

“It's a very easy open source project to get involved with. There are very few componenets and set up requirements, but the variations that can be made from that point of basic completion are essentially limitless. The true development here is the WAV3BOT Gauntlet which is a new and very cheap input device that allows for complete immersion and seamless control.”


Nicholas Sparks, Electrical Engineer Maine, United States


Our open source platform encourages copying and exploration. We intend on helping people, especially beginners, to explore the many possibilities of the WAV3BOT and create new variants for a multitude of purposes.


Have an idea for how to use WAV3BOT technology? Contact us and we will help you bring your idea to fruition. The possibilities are truly endless and we are very excited for what you have to show us.


The WAV3BOT utilizes Arduino. This open source and easily accessible electronics system and open source code will allow users to easily create WAV3BOT and develop their own variants. We will provide assistance to anyone who has an idea and is attempting to navigate the interface.

Photo & Video

Through photo and video attachments and developments, users will be able to record their robot's pattern movements and travels.


If you are attempting to develop WAV3BOT for business purposes, feel free to contact us regarding your needs. We are always available to help.


The WAV3BOT team.


Vignesh Rajmohan


Vignesh is a student at J.L.Mann High School and he likes to research and make cool things.


Jonathan Dietz


After graduating from MIT with degrees in life sciences and electrical engineering, Jonathan was a clinical engineer with the Veterans Administration from 1975-2000, with a multitude of projects including prosthetic devices and interfacing, ICU, cath lab, and operating room design, and other projects.


Diane Brancazio


Diane develops K-12 STEM curriculum and works with Cambridge schools to implement week-long STEM experiences. She is an MIT alumna and worked in product design as a mechanical engineer before going into education full time. She strongly believes that engineering is a great way to inspire kids to be problem solvers, be creative, and be empowered in their own lives.

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